Costs of Damon Braces

The cost of Damon braces is higher than other orthodontic treatments because the treatment is still fairly new. In addition to this, there is of course the fact that the treatment is extremely effective and able to achieve results quickly. Because of these advantages many people are willing to pay a bit more in exchange for shorter treatment times and more discreet looking braces.

How much do Damon braces cost?

The cost of treatment will ultimately come down to the individual case. You will be required to attend a consultation in order for the dentist to determine whether you are suitable for treatment and the cost relating to case complexity. On average, though, patients can expect to pay in the region of £2,400 and £7,000 for treatment with Damon braces.

Another factor that will play a part in the cost of Damon braces treatment include the dentist or clinic you choose to visit, as some will charge a higher rate than others. This is usually a reflection of the clinic’s standing and the dentist’s experience with the treatment. The location of the clinic will also be reflected in the price, with practices in the North tending to be cheaper than those in the South.

Help with payment

Parting with thousands of pounds upfront may not be a viable option for everyone. Damon braces may be the treatment of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean your bank account is suddenly going to magic the funds from thin air. Accordingly, many dental practices and clinics have begun to offer payment plans, which enable clients to spread the cost of treatment over a period of time. For example, a patient may choose to pay for their treatment over the course of six months in six instalments. But make sure to know the ins and outs of your dentist’s finance plan if you decide to go down this route.