Damon 3

Damon 3 braces are part of the famous Damon system. They use the same technology as the original Damon braces, but the brackets are slightly different.

How are Damon 3 braces different to Damon braces?

Damon 3 braces are designed to combine aesthetics with performance. The brackets are very discreet, which is an obvious benefit for image-conscious patients. The braces also use the latest technology to produce incredible results in a short space of time. The brackets are made of a combination of stainless steel, clear material and are also rounded, which makes them very discreet and comfortable.

What are the benefits of Damon 3 braces?

There are many different benefits of Damon 3 braces, including:

  • Short treatment time: the self-ligating wires generate gentle forces, which encourage the teeth to move into the correct position. Treatment time with Damon 3 braces is much shorter than traditional fixed braces and this can be a very positive selling-point for many clients, as they want to be able to show off their new smile as soon as possible.
  • Greater comfort: the sliding design means that wires can be changed very easily and quickly. With traditional fixed braces, elastic wires are used to hold the brace in place and the wire needs tightening on a regular basis, which can often be a painful process. With Damon 3 braces there are no bands and the changing of wires is effortless. The self-ligating technology also helps to prevent pain by moving the teeth gently.
  • Better aesthetics: Damon 3 braces are made of stainless steel and clear material, making them extremely discreet, especially in comparison to traditional fixed metal braces. The look of the brace is very important to some people, but with the discreet Damon 3 brace system, this needn’t be a concern.
  • Better oral hygiene: Damon 3 brackets effectively sweep away food particles and debris, in order to help promote good oral health. With traditional braces, food can get stuck in the brackets, causing bacteria and plaque to collect around the bands. This can in turn increase the risk of oral health problem, such as decay and gum disease.
  • Fewer appointments: with Damon 3, you won’t need to visit your dentist as often as you would with traditional fixed braces. This is particularly advantageous for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or feel nervous about going to visit their dentist.