Damon 3MX

Damon 3MX braces are part of the clinically proven Damon system range. This is a system that has an excellent reputation based on amazing results, increased comfort and superior facial aesthetics.

What are Damon 3MX braces?

Unlike the other systems in the Damon range, Damon 3MX braces use a special type of bracket that works to give it a unique and distinguished design. Damon 3MX braces are made entirely from metal and boast self-ligating brackets, which prevent friction and speed up the movement of the teeth whilst reducing discomfort.

Damon 3MX braces are made from high-grade stainless steel, with metal-injection moulding. The brackets are incredibly durable and the teeth are encouraged to move quickly. The braces also have the benefit of specially designed shape memory wires, which creates a beautiful straight smile as well as a more attractive facial aesthetic.

What are the benefits of Damon 3MX braces?

Damon 3MX braces have numerous benefits and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people with moderate to severe orthodontic problems. In comparison to conventional fixed braces, treatment time is significantly shorter, the braces are lighter and more discreet, and are of greater comfort. The Damon 3MX brackets are very easy to open and close, and this means that changing the wires is very simple and quick. This is of great importance in relation to the adjusting of wires, which can otherwise be very painful for the patient.