STb Social 6 Lingual Braces

STb Social 6 lingual braces are a form of orthodontic brace that are fixed to the rear of the teeth, instead of the front. Social 6 braces are designed to treat minor to moderate orthodontic problems affecting the teeth at the front of the mouth.

How do STb Social 6 braces work?

STb Social 6 braces use the most recent technology to move the teeth swiftly and smoothly. This is done proficiently through the use of self-ligating technology, which is able to move the teeth without causing any resistance or hurt. Over time, the forces generated by the brace will cause the teeth to move into the correct position.

What are the advantages of Social 6 braces?

The major advantage of Social 6 lingual braces is that they are invisible to other people. This is different to the manner with which you would say Invisalign are invisible, but this does not make it any less appealing to patients looking for a discreet treatment. Social 6 braces are fixed to the reverse side of the teeth, so other people will not be able to see them and you can go about your business with great confidence.

For many people, the idea of wearing a brace is daunting because they do not like the appearance of the wires and brackets, and because they are worried about how their appearance will change once the brace is in place. However, with lingual braces, this is no longer an issue because you cannot see the brace.

STb Social 6 lingual braces are smaller and finer than conventional lingual braces, which reduces the risk of friction and maximises comfort. Another major benefit of the STb Social 6 braces is the fast treatment time, with the majority of patients being able to see positive changes within a matter of weeks.

Are Social 6 lingual braces painful?

Many people would assume that lingual braces are painful because of the proximity of the tongue to the wires and bracket. However, Social 6 braces are very fine and the braces use ultra-modern technology to prevent abrasion and have been specially manufactured to move the teeth gently.

Who can benefit from Social 6 braces?

Social 6 braces are not suitable for everyone. They are designed for people with mild or moderate orthodontic problems, predominantly those concerning the teeth at the front of the mouth. Social 6 braces are usually recommended for people who have mild crowding or spacing between their front teeth.