Damon Q

Damon Q is one the latest innovations from the makers of Damon braces. The Damon system itself is well-known for utilising the latest orthodontic technology to create beautiful, straighter smiles without any pain or discomfort. The Damon Q braces are the finest Damon braces yet, with smaller brackets than traditional Damon braces and rounded edges to give greater ease to the changing of the wires.

How do Damon Q braces work?

Damon Q braces work in the same way as the original Damon braces, though the brackets are smaller and therefore more discreet. Damon Q braces use the latest technology to move the teeth gradually over the course of time. The self-ligating, memory shape wires move the teeth without any pain or discomfort, and they also contribute to an improved facial aesthetic.

Why should I go for Damon Q braces?

Damon Q braces have been developed to provide maximum comfort, as well as quick treatment times. Treatment time with Damon Q braces is normally completed around 6 months faster than conventional braces. Damon Q braces have been designed to improve the aesthetic of the face, as well as creating a beautifully straight smile. The vast majority of patients will notice a change to the aesthetic of their face in addition to their smile, following the completion of Damon Q treatment.

If you opt for Damon Q braces, you will need to visit your dentist less frequently than with other brace systems. This is a result of the brackets having in-built features to make the wires easier to change, which also contributes to quicker tooth alignment.